She is the sweetest peach or the biggest bitch depending on how you water her.

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The pastor said, “God will surprise you in the month of July” and booooyyyy did he surprise me.

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What happens when you like to travel and have fun but have limited time and resources? Go to Mombasa for 36 hrs. No more, No less

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The Watchmaker

I bet we all know a Nairobian whose favourite line is “I only go to town if I have to” or "I can't remember the last time I was in town"

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No not that kind of dream. An actual dream.We spend a third of our lives asleep. We all know someone who says they will sleep when they die or sleep is for the weak. We are conditioned that sleep is a bad thing. A lazy thing. People take pride in being insomniacs and sleeping 4 hours every night. Weirdos.

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Picture this: Everything is going right. Your job is looking good, your mental health has never been better and you are actually quite content with your physical looks. Your skin is clearing up and you don't have to struggle in to that favourite pair of jeans that makes your booty sit right. A dream right?... Continue Reading →

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13.08pm Uncomfortably sandwiched between the driver and a man who is coughing at 50 second intervals. TB ina tiba boss. This middle seat is particularly uncomfortable today, so much so that i bundle up a scarf into a “pillow” to support my neck. It’s the usual hustle and bustle today. Offload people at designated and... Continue Reading →

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7.01pm I don’t know why i keep doing this to myself. I hate crossing highways. Mombasa road gives me anxiety. Self diagnosed anxiety. I have googled what this fear is called. Many times. I clearly don’t have said phobia because i would remember what it’s called… right? “Rounda sitini” says the conductor of the matatu... Continue Reading →

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